Thursday, July 23, 2009

Dont feel sorry for Kasab- A humble request by an ordinary Indian

The sudden confession by Kasab that he was "involved"(as if the world didn't know) in the Mumbai attacks, is nothing but gimmick to gain sympathy in the eyes of the stupid(and selfish) politicians and public who would no doubt fall in to his drama.
Does his confession really matter? Yes it matters only to the point that this trial can end least to the extent that his role has been proved as guilty.. the remaining trial can continue as the prosecution has filed the case not only on Kasab but also to prove involvement of others involved.
A request to the law system and the president (because eventually he will apply for mercy if given the death penalty even though he shouldn't as he is not an Indian citizen), please hang him as fast as you can..Showing mercy to the devil is deviltry, showing mercy to humans is humanity. So don't be a devil yourself by pardoning the devil. And the media, please don't make him a martyr.
Image: Times of India