Monday, July 27, 2009

The flavour thats so tasy about Top Chef

I am fed up with "Reality" shows. I cant find any other shows which are as synthetic and unreal as these shows. The latest on my disgust radar are "Mujhe iss Jungle.... and of course the girl from Planet Stupid Rakhi Sawant's Swayamwar...About the latter show I remember a comment in Pu.La. Deshpande's Asami Asami "Ramdasanni murkhanchi itki udhaharana dili, tari ajun barich baki ahet [Ramdas has given so many references of stupidity, yet there are many more left]. Probably the men/boys queuing up here are exactly the ones he has forgotten.
But my topic today is not to crap about these shows but about one show which I feel is genuinely creative and exciting. I am referring to "TOP CHEF" on AXN hosted by the ravishing Padma Laxmi(but of course she is not "the" reason why I watch the show). I enjoy cooking and can actually boast of decent culinary skills- by self evaluation. Partly due to the situations where have I have been before and had to develop those and partly because I actually enjoy cooking.
Of the items that are dished out in the show are totally from another world [but don't match up to the wonderful thalipeeth or sabudana khichadi :) pakka marathi ahe mi] still there is some really creative stuff that goes on there. I applaud the shows creators of the show for making is so innovative and exciting as there are a lot of different rounds in the competition which are very challenging and surprising. Like the budget round, of the surprise course round, or barbecue round etc...
I watched almost the whole of last season, and I try to watch as many of the repeat episodes right now. I am waiting for the new season to start and I looking forward to some really new, savory and scrumptious stuff.
Bon Appetite!!

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