Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tough Anti Terror laws

This article on rediff


Apparently Sonia Gandhi is the sole decision maker in our country. The country has started making laws according to her whims. Also how tough will these laws be? Will they have a special clause to be strict against "Hindu Terrorism"? Because India is affected by two terrorisms, one is the generic terrorism which has no religion and the other is Hindu terrorism. The World has a name for this generic terrorism which is "Islamic fundamentalist or Jihadi Terrorism". They are not ashamed or embarrsed to refer to terrorism by its actual name but India is.
Previous attacks which took so many lives were not as important as they killed only the poor or the middle class people. The Government was sad about the attacks expressed sympathy, some meger compensation and that was it.
The "elite" hadnt been affected as yet. So now that the rich and famous are also victims of terrorism we have new laws. At the same time when Modi proposed a anti terror law it was rejected. So his claim for stronger laws was tranished and her claim is being held up. This is hipocracy. A white queen is ruling our great country 60 years after the independance. When will India and Indians really be free??
God bless India

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