Monday, December 8, 2008

A Sunday - Following the terror trail

I was on my way to Mumbai. I was not going there for terror tourism but to meet my ailing grandfather. Incidentally he stays in Girgaon near the Chowpatty. I had taken the morning Deccan Queen and around 10.30 reached CST. As I stepped down a chill ran down my spine. I recalled the horrific incident that happened there only a week back. I was looking all around for any suspicious actovity, persons etc. I was also looking for bullet holes, broken glass and blood on the floor. Of course it was not there. Wiped and cleaned a long time back. Still i saw it. Blood on the floor, bullet holes in the pillars and walls, the broken announcer window glass. I caught a taxi ouside VT and headed to Girgaon. I passed over the CST subway, Cama hospital, Metro and then my taxi went from marine drive and approximately at the same spot where the encounter took place, turned into girgaon.
I could feel a tense atmosphere even after a week and the streets were deserted for Mumbai standards. Even the discussion with my uncle was regarding the same. Some ppl from the building had gone to that encounter spot after the incident at chowpatty.
In the evening while returning back to CST the same thoughts and same tension. I was again looking around for gun totting terrorists ready to blast CST and the trains.
Mumbai will never be the same for me again. Atleast for somedays.
Eventually my gross indianness of forgetting things and getting on with my daily stuff will make me forget it. Live lost cant be regained. I am angry though that I am living with fear in my country, my city. 10 people can hold my country to ransom.
Its disgusting.

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