Friday, December 5, 2008

Schummel Schumi - not really..

I am reading this book on Schumacher, the one you can presently see in the left column. It is a very nice book and I would like to thank the person who gave me this book. My heartfelt thanks to you... (they happen to be equally enthusiastic fans of Schumi).
It gave me a very good insight on F1 and on the older days of F1 which I didn't follow. I followed F1 during the rise and fall of schumacher, so for me F1 stops after Schumi and Ferrari. My interested in the sport has considerably waned now a days.
Schumi at one point of time in his career, at Jerez, was so demolished by the press and his F1 compatriots that I really felt sorry for him. His reasoning there really appealed to me. He was really the target of jealousy for his success and discipline.
I would recommend you to definitely read the book. Especially for F1 fans.


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