Friday, June 22, 2007

Hot Capuccino, Rains and a MA in Sanskrit Chaiwala

Strange topic for an equally strange day.
After frustrating myself with some stupid files that just would'nt open, I slipped outside the office to kill time and grab a bit to eat before leaving for Pune.
I went to Eternity Mall in the vicinity and brought a take away cappuccino with me to the office after a light dinner. As soon as I entered the office all hell broke loose and it started raining for which the Gauls would have freaked out saying " The sky is falling on our heads!". I had no option but to wait for some time at the office. I was just checking out some news on the net when the chai-wala who has a small shop in the compound, dropped by to say hello. He was a pleasant fellow, but I never really had had a talk with him. I started by a casual question just to start some kind of a conversation "How long have you had your Chai-stall here?". "Its been here since the last 25 years or so. My father started it and now I am helping my brother run it." We drifted in and out of casual conversation when he dropped a bomb, he said " I am here only for a vacation. I teach Sanskrit at a college near my village to 10 to 12 std kids". I was really impressed by this. " I have completed my MA in Sanskrit and also my B-Ed. I will go back to the college when it re-opens."
This really had me floored. This man here who had a master's degree in Sanskrit (which frankly terrorized me in school) was totally at ease doing a chaiwala's job here.
I left soon after that for Pune and that conversation really had me doing some serious thinking.

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