Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Terror again.. and again.. and again..

This must be one of the zillions of articles, reports etc written about the terror attacks that shook India. Television channels had a field day, reporting without any advertisements! I was watching out for something like " These terror attacks brought to you by XYZ underwear" but thankfully such a thing did not happen.
A lot must have been written about the terrorists, the politicians ( the number of examples you can give about the stupidity and insensitivity of them will be so much that you will run out of space) the heroes (not enough can be said about their bravery either, all bloggers including me are paper tigers) and so on..
I was itching to comment about some views shared by people in a popular NDTV program, We the (angry, emotional, frustrated) people, after the attacks.
One of the guests said about the insensitivity and stupidity our politicians displayed "the shear bad luck that Congress is ruling now, but any party in their situation would have behaved the same.."
The statement was ok but the reaction shook me. People actually clapped at this!! I understand they were emotional and such statements obviously deserved applause under those circumstances but boiling blood looses its rationality. (WE) The people did not realize that what she had pointed out that there is no capable and efficient politician or political party left in India! With politicians and leaders like Tilak, Patel, Shashtri, Indira Gandhi of whom we are so proud today we are left with only corrupt and selfish people as our leaders. And this is not a clapping matter. Its a voting matter. I hope people realize this and vote properly for a better Indian future.
Second point a gentleman raised was that we should stop paying taxes to force the govenment into action! How stupid is that? ( and Ms Garewal thought it a wise statement - no offence Ms Garewal). Does he realise that the same taxes also pay for our Army, police NSG and others? I agree most of our taxes find a direct route to huge accumulated wealths of these blood sucking vampire politicians but then some part of it is also put to good use. How will we motive young people to join the Forces at such pitiful salaries? I am ready to more tax if my tax is accounted for the last penny. I want increased salary, better equipment and weapons for my Forces so that I feel safe. Its absurd not to pay taxes.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that something good will come from this attacks. Change. Yes we want!


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